New Instagram Features | Use all the superb and amazing Instagram features

//New Instagram Features | Use all the superb and amazing Instagram features

New Instagram Features | Use all the superb and amazing Instagram features

As per a rough estimate, there are approximately 500 million users on Instagram and the number is constantly increasing. The reason is that this amazing photo sharing app keeps on introducing new innovative features with the time that attracts more and more people towards it. Here, we are going to introduce some of its more features, which have just been introduced and I am sure lots of you aren’t still using them.

If you are one of the most charming Insta users, you try your level best stay on the top of the game. In this scenario, you can’t succeed unless you make use of all these new fantastic features. Have a look at all of these and spend your best time with this fantastic photo-sharing app.

Portrait mode

One of the new, as well as the best feature of Instagram, is its Portrait mode. Lots of people are still unfamiliar with this but it can do a wonderful magic with your photos and can give it a DSLR type effect. In simple terms, it blurs your background, keeping the face or anything else in sharp focus.

All you need to do is open up the focus mode and hold the camera while pointing towards yourself or someone else you want to capture in the photograph and click. You will be amazed at its result as it is not like a few photo editing apps that ruin your entire image when you try to blur everything else expect you in the image. The object (main focused thing) edges are handled well while giving your photo a soft blur. Just give it a try and you will be amazed at this new portrait mode of Instagram.

GIF stickers

So, the most amazing thing to share is that GIF stickers are back with its fun. You can now make use of them in your Instagram stories. Instead of writing long stories about what you feel, just make use of GIF sticker and express your emotions.

So, every time whenever you share your story on Instagram, search for the relevant stickers first to make it look alive. If one GIF stickers don’t describe you well, the best thing is that you can make use of more than one GIF stickers at a time. These are the cutest things ever on Instagram and are admired by the users of Instagram more than anything else.

Written stories

For all those Instagram users who love to say their story with their own words and without any picture, Type mode is the best ever thing for them. There is a wide array of funky backgrounds and text styles so that you can make your story look the way you want, with your favorite and stylish text written on a fantastic and snazzy background.

If you haven’t still used it, it is really simple. All you need to do is type text and change font to whatever style you like by clicking on a strong icon. An* icon is here to stylize text. You can also choose to add emoticons to your text. Come up with a totally different story as you can mix up the different available fonts as well.

Just stay unique on Instagram, by making use of all the newly introduced and incredible features, to grab the attention of the public and to increase Instagram followers. This is the only way you can stay on top of this game.

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